Name Cogzidel is one year old…

Today morning when I opened my mailbox came across this email from bala. Really can’t believe how time runs and last year same time all I had was the support from people like Major, Bala, Boopathi, Senthil & Bala Krishnan. That was the biggest capital I had and have. Last one year has been really cherishing and enjoyable.

Dear Cogzians,

This day (6th August) of last year, was a memorable day in the history of Cogzidel. That’s when the name “Cogzidel” was discovered.

After having a stomach-full of tasty meal served by Major’s mom at his home, the team of people consisting of me, Anand, Major, Balasubramanian and Boopathi, started looking for a suitable name for our company.

Happened to scan through many names and finally, selected “Cogidel”.

Anand suggested to insert “Z” in the middle as it would create an attraction – and that’s the name we got as “Cogzidel”.

Meaning: Cog zi del

Cog – someone who does important and routine function
Del – indicating prompt delivery

And today, a year is over since then and we realise how time runs so fast.

We are happy about what we are today and I’m sure next year same day, we will be in far more better shape and heights.

Work with great spirit and make it happen !!


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