The Don – Dream Unfulfilled

Right from my childhood I was inspired by watching lot of Don based movies and when I reached my teens my dream was to become a DON. But parent’s compulsions had changed my focus and still I feel for that…

My first desire to become a don started when I watched the movie Nayagan starring Kamal Hassan. Then subsequently watching Basha starring Rajini Kanth cemented the desire… Then came Ram Gopal Verma’s Satya, After watching Shar Rukh starrer Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa I got tempted seeing how a don could change marks and that aggravated my desire to be one…

In my teens I tried my hands on some rowdyism within my school and within my county. Most of the time I convinced nerds and kids that I was a Don in the making. But real Goons or Rowdy’s have always over shadowed me and I immediately strike an alliance with them by getting them gifts and I call myself as Small Don.

DSC00889DSC00890Then as time passes my priorities changed and I passed over those dreams. Now I envy looking back those days. After the release of the movie Billa & DON kindly my past and I wanted to take a snap with my friends Rottweiler unfortunately that was very ferocious and I settled with these two snaps… Please let me know if I’ve the looks of a DON…

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