Amateur photography experience

Offlate Balaji is getting tired and we are slowly loosing interest in our night out. I thing we have over done and we need a break till we strive to experience the fun in travelling. So today being we (I & Balaji) slept long and I didn’t want to disturb him and fixed some business meetings. Then at the end of meeting I got a call from Balaji asking for the plan and it was already 7:30 PM. I reached home by 8 o clock and I reached Balaji’s house and much to the Irk of his parents we ventured out.

Then Balaji wanted to have his dinner and we had it in a small hotel in little mount and we didn’t have any clue what to do next and as usual we proceed to Satyam Cinemas. But half way I lost interest in movie and asked Balaji to goto some beach. Then we drove to Besant Nagar Beach. The beach was too crowded and there was hardly any space for parking and I didn’t want to step down in that crowd. It was sad to see how I hate a beach which was my favorite once upon a time.

Then we drove to Kottivakkam beach and again I complained to Balaji how that beached changed too but compared to Besant Nagar this beach is much better to relax. Then we walked long for a ice-cream looking crossing 2 beautiful girls twice and for the third time we tried to do the same and I don’t know if those girls understood we were walking to & foe just to cross them. They turned back half way third time and we returned to car and that is I saw our shadows from a car’s head light when the car crossed us.

Moon light reflection on waters...
Moon light reflection on waters...
Moon light & Shadow on waters...
Moon light & Shadow on waters...

Then my little creative brain thought it would be nice if we can shoot our shadow which falls on the sea waters. And we tried our luck and that is where there was some nice co-creation happened. I shot our shadows but Balaji thought it would be nice to shoot shadows along with the moon. Then we wanted to take moon and moon light reflection on the waters and both the snaps came well.

Then we proceed back for a drive and thought of taking snaps at Perungalathur – Maduravoya bypass where we unsucessfully spent some some time trying different ideas but they were all a failure and then we gave up after many tries and headed back home.

DSC01329-1Also I wanted to share these two pic which stands as motivation and we exclusively went for a drive at mid night to take photograph a week back. We took a snap of this Amman goddess which was made of Lights erected on a street parallel to my house.

DSC01332-2Then we had to over come questioning from cops while we were taking snaps of war memorial near Nandambakkam. So this is what happened.

Cop: What are you guys from?
Me: We are from Porur sir…
Cop: What are you guys doing?
Me: We are taking photos of memorial.
Cop: Why do you want to do that?
Me: We are collection pictures of places in Chennai at night.
Cop: What do you guys do?
Me: We are freelance photographers.
Cop: Grrrrr!! He scratched his head and moved from the place thinking we were journalist.

While this conversation was happening Balaji continues taking snaps. The cop was confused and he didn’t want to take a chance at us. But once he went he also distracted our concentration and we thought we can shoot it sometime later and we left the place with couple of snaps but this was the only snap that came well.

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