Vicky’s Birthday Celebration

It was overall a fun night… We decided to give a surprise visit to Vicky’s house and wish him Happy Birthday at 12 o clock. It all happened after a telecom with Kuruvi and we decided that we are going to make this… So, Kuruvi informed Vicky’s Mother and Sister-in-law and also got consent from his mom for a harsh Birthday Bum…

Telecom between me and Vicky happened when I was in Mayajaal and Balaji said returning to Downtown Chennai and buying cake would waste time and energy and we decided to order it in Taj Fisherman’s Cove and went to movie and collected the cake after the movie was over.

Lakshmi's Gift
Lakshmi's Gift
Entering Vicky's house
Entering Vicky's house

Then we rushed back home to pick the gift I got for Vicky and my camera. Then we picked Kuruvi from home and Sudhir reached Vicky’s house too… To our surprise folks sent by Lakshmi (Vicky’s fiancée) reached his house ahead of us with Rose and were waiting the clock to tick 12.

But we rushed inside the house before those folks wished Vicky and only then we allowed then to hand over Lakshmi’s gift. After all we know this is the last birthday we can disturb him at this time as we will be denied entry next year :d. 

DSC01435DSC01470This is the cake which we got it for Vicky. Also there were cakes sent by Lakshmi along with the Rose & his sister-in-law has already got one. So it was 3 cakes and after cake cutting it was time to decorate Vicky’s face with cake cream. Vicky wearing the birthday gift.

After this we had to leave his house quickly as his fiancée was waiting to talk to him and we knew we have to make a decent way out and we shook hands and signed off…

DSC01464Special Thanks: I’ve to thank Balaji for taking the mantle of cameraman and for driving me to buy cake and pick gift from my house. Regarding the camera work he is not seen in any of the snaps and his work is appreciated. Also I love this particular picture from Mr.Sudhir where the cake flies when Vicky tried to grab a cake from me :d.


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