Event on startup challenges

Event focusing on operational challenges for running a startup. The upcoming event (August 22, 2009) deals with hiring challenges in startups.

Here are the details

Hiring in a startup is a challenge – right from finding the right match, figuring out salary structure to keeping the employees motivated (especially in tight situation). While there aren’t any ‘right ways’ to do so, the best way out is to share experiences.

pluGGd.in is conducting a ‘Hiring strategy for startups’ event (half-day) where we are inviting entrepreneurs to share their experiences; and a HR consulting firm to show the ‘other’ side of the world.

Topic: How to combat Hiring Blues in Startups

Date: August 22nd, 2009, Saturday [10AM – 1 PM]


  • How do I structure employee salary? ESOP vs. Salary Distribution?
  • Employee Agreement – what are the points one need
  • I am not a funded startup and don’t have a lot of money to give away. How do I recruit smart people?
  • How do I judge the commitment of candidates when they are applying? [Share/learn from experiences…]

And related topics on hiring @ startups visit http://www.pluggd.in/unpluggd/august.html

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