ICICI Credit Card Issue Settled

Finally ICICI Bank Credit Card Irony which started 4 years got settled. Starting with poor customer service to disturbance from collection agents to rejection of loan request getting rejected to settling of dues without (which arose because of irresponsible act of an ICICI employee for presenting Cheque late where in late payment charges were attached to me) to attaching  lien on my account and taking funds for second time. Finally went to nodal officer and got my funds back and cleared my name from CIBIL.

This is the confirmation I received from ICICI Nodal office.

Dear Mr. Nataraj,

We refer to your e-mail of August 7, 2009 addressed to Nodal Officer regarding your ICICI Bank Credit Card account number 4477 xxxx xxxx 4003.

We have zeroised your Credit Card account number 4477 xxxx xxxx 4003. As on August 26, 2009 there is no out standing on your Credit Card account.

We have made necessary changes in the Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) report from ” written of ” to ” settled “.

Attempts were made to contact you on your mobile number 09841430004. However, there was no response.

We request you to  kindly click on the link below to share your experience. 

Please click on  http://www.hansaresearch.com/icicibank/hsq/cc.asp?HSQ=35066703  to tell us.

Office Of Head Service Quality

Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr.Venkateshara & the Nodal office team for getting the issue sorted.

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