Ten years back – Part I

Life runs so fast that when we turn back we can believe that itz been so long. Ten years back exactly on same day we went to Ooty trip along with college buddies. Yes we were in our final year and we know if not then it will never happen together. And we were right after that we were unable to make it as a team till date. Some one or other will miss because so some other priority.

Coming back it all stands ever green in front of my eyes the planning we did. Initially we thought of going as a class trip. But we had some problem; 

  • As usual there was a set of folks who said they cant spend money on tours.
  • Then college said we have to take some faculty along with us if we had to take girls.

We were so mean those days that we scraped the idea of taking girls as we were not ready to pay for a faculty. Also we thought we can go along with core group of friends so that we can have ball of a time.

Then it was time for planning we collected all the tourist spots from TTDC and thru other sources. Then collected college bonafide certificate from college as it gave us concession in train tickets, dorm rooms in youth hostel & concession in theme park. 

Then came the D-Day we packed our bags on 05/09/1999 where in we all planned to take Electric train and meet assemble at Mambalam station. So fun started from there where in confusion started from there; 

  • Venket boards a train and joins Balaji from Palavanthangal.
  • Both of them will join Karthik from St.Thomas Mount station.
  • All three will join me from Guindy Station.
  • We all join other folks other than Saravanan in Mambalam station.
  • Karthik has a habit to sleep when he stands. So we were unable to pull him down at Mambalam station because of crowd. So, Balaji caught the train and said he will pull him down at park station and he did that promptly.
  • Then we all joined at park station and crossed the road and boarded train to Mettupalayam. And it was fun from then on.

anand2Joy in Train: Venket took control by himself and claimed himself as the captain of the trip. Who cares we didn’t give him a damn and we were in our own world. So first step of control Venkat took was to lock all our bags and he was good at that and we were relieved that someone took care of our belongings.. Then he took all the snacks which we brought (we planned to have snacks for whole 5 day). But when Venkat slept we finished off all the snacks we brought within minutes.

Then we were shouting, talking, playing cards and didn’t sleep the whole night. We were pulling down each others socks. 

anand5Then finally we reached Metupalayam by 7 AM and we ran to board Ooty heritage train. It was a 4 hour right and we enjoyed first 2 hours by running behind the train. Taking snaps on the falls that pours en route. Then we got bored. Then we reached Ooty and we were sitting in a park before we found the youth hostel.

We refreshed our self and it was already 2 PM and we proceeded to Lake that day and we returned back as we were tired as we didn’t sleep that day. Then we returned to Hostel and slept.

As we stayed there for 5 days we need 5 parts to cover the entire episode as each day was an epic by itself.


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