4th Block memories

Today I took my mother and grandmother to Jaya Nagar 4th Block. This was a spot which we use to frequent almost everyday for shopping. Yes 12 years back when I first visited Bangalore my father took me to shopping to 4th block. For me everything looked different compared to Chennai. The language, the people, the culture and I really enjoyed the new place and culture. From then on I use to frequent this place when ever I’m in Bangalore.

Though 4th block had one-way traffic system even 12 years back but a lot of things changed other that that too. It was not this much crowded and one can see lots of retired old people gathering and talking with each other. The climate was even better than now. The bus stop was one the corner in an open space.

After the malls started occupying importance I stopped visiting this place from the year 2002 though I frequented to Bangalore.

Today the bus stop was changed into a commercial building. Traffic has gone really 10 fold more without exaggeration. I can’t see any old gentlemen.

Today it was really nice to walk down the memory lane. Walked through nook and corner of the place. I remember how I nagged my parents for all nonsense things (I feel them nonsense today), but which I thought of importance then, the I got on the platform shops, paw-bajji on cool joint, then juice and ice-creams.

Today I’m independent and can buy what I like but those were special day. But nagging parents to get something and cherishing the past is cherishing historical moments…


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