My new hobby

For last couple of years I’ve cultivated the habit of creating new hobbies. Couple of hobbies I’ve started in the recent past and I’ve been successfully doing is; 

  • Vagabond travel trips where in I travel to places in India in all local transport / low cost transport. In this one year I’ve travelled to Kodaikanal, Munnar, KaniyaKumari, Coimbatore, Andamans etc.
  • Investments
  • Reading
  • Social media activity and I’ve become a consistent Blogger, Twitter and actively participating in Linkedin and Peerpower kind of networks.
  • Long drives and finding new routs in and around Chennai.
  • Amateur photography.

Other than this I’m adding an additional stuff to this list. Last week when I was in Coimbatore I visited G.D.Naidu’s museum and I was carried away by seeing his collections.

I always think ahead which people thing I must be crazy. When I was in college I booked my domain name WWW.AnandNataraj.Com for Rs.4000/- then using all my savings. When my parents and friends questioned my I said when I become Bill Gates one day and when I don’t get the domain I might feel bad. Though I’m not to the level of Bill Gates I’m happy that I’m the owner of the Domain name which has my name.

Likewise when I visited the museum I thought even after my death there must be something I did or I used and I thought I must start collecting something different. All my hobbies are low cost or inexpensive. So I’ve decided to collect designer articles. The first in the list is a Key-Chain in the design of shock absorber which costs Rs.350/-. So what is special about this key chain is it is GM’s Official Design.

Next thing in my list is to buy a designer wooden showcase to display all my collections. It is time to get stingy and save money for new goal.

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