Unnaiya Kalyanam Pannikiren

Today I was watching my long time favorite movie Unnai Yae Kalyanam Pannikuren (I’ll Marry You) starring Nagarjun & Tabu and directed by Krishna Vamsi. It is a dubbed version of Telegu movie Ninne Pelladutha.

This movie got released hen I finished my schooling and I watched it because I’m a great fan of Tabu then. Also the movie was full of fun as movie itself was comical and the dubbing made it even funnier.

The plot was not very new for Tollyhood or for Kollyhood but the screen made the movie more interesting and it is one of the handfuls of dubbed movie that was a hit in Tamil.

It is a simple Romeo & Juliet tale which ends with a happy note.

Today watching that movie took me back to school days and really I’m unable to believe it is been 12 years since this movie got released. It is hard to believe that Tabu has got old.

Now I think I must collect DVD’s of all my favorite movies and I must but this one immediately so that I wont forget it.


5 thoughts on “Unnaiya Kalyanam Pannikiren

  1. Hi can I know from where u got the movie plz…I wan it…my favourite movie…im looking for every where…bt couldn’t get.

  2. Hi, its ine of my favorite movie. Can you say me, where i can see it in tamil?? Thx for your help.

  3. Reading this on 2020 after 11 years of your blog. I happened to see the telugu song of Greek veeradu and was wondering I have heard this somewhere in Tamil. Then found the tamil one. And then found your blog too which took me down the memory lane of watching this dubbed movie.

  4. Bro, I am big fan of nagarjuna. And I have to watch the unnaiye kalyanam pannikiren movie in tamil. How to download the movie

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