Yet another dull day

Yesterday I woke up only to see myself trapped inside my house and I had to stay inside my house the whole for waking up late. Metro water pipe lying was happening and my street was dug and the entire street was not accessible. My mom woke me up asking me to get ready and get out if I had any work. My laziness played the spoil sport.

Then today again I got up late and again my father took the car which was parked in my uncle’s house couple of streets away and my sister took the two-wheeler. Since it rained the entire mud filled patches got wet and it became like quit sand. Most of the cars got struck in the sand. So again I had to stay back and I didn’t want to waste one more day as I didn’t have any online work to work from home.

Also I got a call from my friend who invited me for lunch to introduce his boss who would be of help in my business. I decided to travel though public transport (Pallavan Bus). Then I went to office to check if my old notebook which was back from servicing (it has 600+ viruses) is working fine. To my happiness everything was fine.

Still I was not feeling comfortable. My body vibes were not positive. Then I called bala to hear irritating news and our mud slingers have started with their work of disturbing us from doing our business. Again my folks are not allowing me to act because patience is always taken for weakness.

Then I went to meet my friend’s boss and I was not in a mood to speak business and I made the occasion as a normal networking lunch and I moved back to office. Bala reached in another 15 min of me reaching back to office and he had to take an interview and finish a client meeting.

After everything was done I went and engaged a conversion with bala and I still felt the day was not productive and I wanted to do something useful to sign off the day. So I decided to buy some motivation quotes to place it in our office. Then myself and bala went to Landmark and brought some 17 frames with motivation quoted and I personally got a thirukural book with also has an explanation about what the kural says.

Then again my friends called me for a movie and we all went to Aadhavan. I’m must be crazy or more brave to watch a movie which I didn’t enjoy when I watched it first.

Over all the day was pretty ordinary and I tried to make it little productive but taking some voluntary steps. Let me put all the bad omen back and step forward to have a fascinating Friday.

First thing I’ll be doing tomorrow is to have a hair cut and have a new look and feel to make some cyclonical difference.


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