Kandein Kadalai Review

Day-before-Yesterday I went to watch Kandein Kadalai starring Bharath & Tamanaah Bhatia. A remake of my favorite movie Jab We Met. This time I wanted to review the movie and about the performance of its cast because for many reasons like my favorite Hero, Heroine & remake of my favorite movie and things fell way short of my expectation in all three aspects. Let me start reviewing the three aspects I wanted to talk about; 

  1. Bharath: I’ve seen this kid right from his first movie Boys. He really inspired me with his acting in Chellamae, Kadhal, Emtan Magan. He has no links with cinema and has come to this level with his own efforts and talent. Even his bad movies I convinced myself that he didn’t choose the movie because of lack of experience nor did it for survival. But in this movie I was upset because his acting was very bad. I felt his expression was not as natural as him. I don’t know if he tried to imitate Shaid Kapoor? Even then he has not done justice in mimicking the original role. I think Bharat’s core competency is his acting and dancing talent in that loosing one talent is losing 50% of chance for a long term success. I wish he does a quick self-analysis and rectify his mistake and fall back to track.
  2. Tamanaah: She is soon becoming heartthrob of Tamil Nadu youth. Guys sitting next to me were cheering Tamanaah’s intro than Bharath’s. One guy was telling enna colouru? (How fair she is). She has a long way to go and wish she fills the gap left by Simran, Jothika & Trisha. But in this movie she has literally imitated Kareena Kapoor. She has missed an opportunity to prove her individuality in acting. But compared with Bharath what Tamanaah did was ok as she did the mimicking better. I wish she doesn’t do more remakes in future to make her career more successful.
  3. The Movie: I think director is a confused person. He has not got the best from a Hero who has good acting skills. Also with the movie he has literally copied the costumes, settings and everything from the original. Also a separate track to Santhanam for more comedy is Ok.

Over all I can say a remake of a successful movie must be delivered better. This movie lacks in more than one aspect. But it can be watched once as it is not that boring.


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