One more time to Kodaikanal

Once in Madurai going to Kodaikanal has become like going to Pondicherry. I’ve driven from Chennai to Pondicherry atleast a 100 times as it is near to Chennai (120 KM). Now Madurai – Kodaikanal is the same in terms of distance and this is my 5th trip to Kodai in this 12 months and my 7th over all in my lifetime. 

This trip has lots of significance as I really enjoyed the stay in the hill station and also I struggled a lot. 

Here is the synopsis about the trip; 

  • For the first time I vomited while going to the hill station. The reason is I normally travel with empty stomach, but this time we ate heavily in Bhatalagundu and also I thing my friends driving was little poor. He drove fast and was taking sharp curves.
  • Then we went to a hotel name Summer Vacation which is 6 KM away from city and has not shop / house near to the hotel.
  • Also hotel has a wonderful valley view.
  • Service in the hotel was frantastic. Since my friend is cousin of Dhindigul SP (Superintendent of Police) the owner of the hotel vacated his room for us.
  • Then we went out for shopping as I didn’t have any backup dress to wear. We went to a place near to hotel say some 2KM and I brought a t-shirt and a track for 200 bucks.
  • Next to the textile shop there was a pastry shop run by Hill Top hotel. Hilltop hotel is located inside the Kodai city and I’ve never enjoyed their food. But their pastries are A1.
  • Going back to hotel is time to watch India – Australia 3rd one day encounter and India winning the match made the occasion more cherish able.
  • To my irony no one carried a camera with us so we were unable to capture all the golden moments and an opportunity to take wonderful snaps of snow, sunset & sunrise in the valley et more.
  • Then we went to the terrace to enjoy the bonfire which was specifically arranged for us with all the food coming to terrace. I enjoyed the power of influence yet another time.
  • Then my friends went down to sleep. But I got some Diesel and I stayed near the fire and I slept there till 4 AM. That was the best experience I had in the trip and in my life time. Pitch dark, surrounded by snow everywhere, no one near you, a hill behind the hotel and my enjoying the heat and chillness. This was the best atmosphere for anyone who comes from a busy business life in a city. I don’t know if I’ll have one more opportunity like this.
  • Then next day we packed bags and started back to Madurai by 11 o clock on Sunday.
  • Then again it was a testing time getting down. I vomited 4 times and I’ve never counted time to get down from a hill station like this.  

On reaching Madurai I have not energy as I vomited everything I ate and because of that vomiting sensation I didn’t eat the whole day. Again it was really enjoyable trip and this will go a long way in my memory chart.


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