Is Terrorism – A Muslim Monopoly?

A few days back I got linked with a gentleman named Abrar Ahmed. It was a pure business meeting and we were talking hard core business. But I don’t know how we broke the jinx. I didn’t something which was not supposed or recommended to be done during a Business meeting. 

Yes it is believed not to speak Religion or Politics during business talks. But some how I pulled Abrar by raising queries about Islam. Abrar asked me to collect a DVD to get answers for most of the queries I raised him.

After two days I collected the DVD from him and then after a week I happened to watch the DVD only today. Yes the title of the DVD is “Is Terrorism – A Muslim Monopoly?” Speech was given by Dr.Zakir Naik who is the President of Islamic Research Foundation & also a qualified doctor.

Chief Guest honor was given to Justice Hosbet Suresh who spoke about the Human rights & the result of stringent laws which mislead the society.

Then it was followed by speech by Dr.Zakir Naik and I must say his speech has opened the lights of darkness on me and my perception about Terrorism. I was startled by the way he was showcasing historical data on Terrorism from 1879 onwards by giving the number of causalities, group behind the act, individual who did it etc.

As a centrist this speech has enlightened me, made me raise many questions, contradict some points and made me to do deep research about many topics. I’ve to study a lot of things on religion (Hinduism, Christianity & Islam) & history to understand the speech. Also I know I must watch the DVD more in coming days to kindly my world of anxiety.

One point which I agree to without any contradiction is;

Terrorism is born out of injustice.

We must stop pin-pointing people for misdeeds and march ahead looking ahead for a greener future.

I’ve one point to clarify to Dr.Zakir Naik & one clarification I need from him which I’m going to mail him after posting this blog. So let me post the clarification first.

One point he said LTTE a dreaded terrorist organization (Which I agree thought I’m a tamilian) that it is a Hindu organization. To clarify him more than 30% Sri Lankan Tamils are Christians. Former number two in command of Prabakaran was Anton Balasingham who was a Christian. Prabakaran in spite of being a Hindu has named his son after his friends name Charles. So, I can strongly say that LTTE is a Lingual group rather than a Hindu group.

Then the clarification I need from him is about the cast system which Islam doesn’t believe. In spite of being a true Muslim why he still carries a family / caste name (NAIK) which is opposed to Islam???

For now I must thank Abrar for passing the DVD to me and in coming years I might come with my point of view after researching on the facts given by the speaker.

But I’d recommend everyone to listen to “Is Terrorism – A Muslim Monopoly”? as it will help us to clarify our perception of Muslim Extremism, Fundamentalism & Terrorism. If any of you need the DVD kindly post a comment with your contact details so that I can drop it to you if you are from Chennai or I can courier it to you.


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