CCS folks use unusual methods to crack solutions for problems

One of the touch / challenging thing in Business in facing uncertainities. But that becomes cherishing opportunity for aggressive people.

An entrepreneur would love to work with such aggressive people. Today i’m proud to be associate with such people.

I want to quote a particular challenging case where we signed a contract with a client for managing their monthly Accounting.

We signed the deal assuming, that client will be using Tally as their accounting tool. To our surprise client was using QuickBook. My peers didn’t have any clue about this new tool.

Instantly my CFO Mr.Bala Murugan and his associate Ms.Vimala had a meet to work out a solution and their unusual way of thinking startled me.

They used Youtube to see if there is any tutorial and it clicked. With the help of this video tutorial we finished the task with ease.

Above case points how they applied their mind and how they extracted the power of social mediums which is available for free.

I always admire such people. And my peers made me proud to say that I’m a part of their team.

Rivers that crosses rough and steep rock will generate electricity.

This is what i learned from my peers.


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