Ending up the year with Elite Invitations

Start of this year I evolved a set of rules so as how I must lead a life this 2009 and that was one of my New Year Resolutions.  Some of the rules are;

  • Never travel by autos.
  • Never travel by flights.
  • Never buy premium products.

And more and to the best of my knowledge I kept to my resolution. But ending this year I’m getting invitation for all elite things;

Wills Life Style Invitation: Got a call from a representative from Wills Life Style for some surprise event at Park Sheraton, Chennai. The event is on 9th and the way the women invited me was funny.

She said the invitation is only for Premium Members and she said;

  • Free dinner Buffet
  • Gift Voucher for Rs.1000/-
  • Then a surprise gift on the day.

Then she asked for my confirmation to make up to the event. It sounded funny & the lady spoke to me in a way that if I come I’ll be offered dinner. It sounded how politicians gather crowd by offering Food & Cash. Like wise I’m also invited for Food + Cash (in the form of Gift Voucher.

On the serious part I wear only Will Life Style merchandise & I don’t know why this surprise event. Anyway let me keep my fingers crossed and hope it doesn’t become a disappointing night.

CEO Lifestyles: then I got a personal invite from organizers of CEO Lifestyles which is been conducted in Chennai Trade Center on 11th, 12th & 13th. I don’t know what to expect there and I don’t know how they got hold of me. Today I got a call from then asking for my commitment to make up on any one of the day.

This is a closely held event & everyone is not invited. At least that is what they told me. I might make it along with Bala on 11th (Friday).

HSBC Premium Account: Got a call from HSBC representatives and gave them an appointment to meet me. They are offering me a Premium account with all elite benefits. Even my bankers ICICI & CitiBank whit whom I’ve maintain my account for a long time and also having transacted huge amount of money I was not upgraded to Wealth Management Account.

I was surprised to get an offer from a bank where I didn’t have any relationship all these years. Might be someone working with ICICI or CitiBank must have jumped to HSBC.

In spite of me telling the bankers that I can’t maintain a big balance for a premium account. They said they will offer it even I’ve my account with zero balance.

Again this is a shocking experience and I don’t know what is happening around me.

All the things listed above happened last week and I don’t know if I really deserve them. Anyways I’m thrilled that I wanted to lead a very simple life and I was successful somewhat and now I’m getting all Elite things at the end of the year. Let me experience all the above and see how it turns up and will sure make a Blog post about the experience.


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