Wired Frames Saves Time & Money

Normally we create wired frames before we start working on a website design so that a client can foresee the skeleton view of his Web site layout.

What is a Wired Frame? 

A wired frame is a pictorial representation of a WebSite Design in a skeleton format. 

What tools are used to create a Wired Frame? 

Axure RP, Justinmind Prototyper, OverSite, ProtoShare, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash Catalyst and iRise. 

So, what we do at Cogzidel is we develop a wireframe design collecting information from the client and client can change the layout if it is not up to his expectation. 

Once the Wired frame is approved we will then continue with the site design.

Today morning I placed a request for a change in CCS site design & the design team approached me and collected my inputs and they have sent me wired frame for index page & inner page.

This is the wired frame for index page.


I was happy with the layout other than the Solutions block and I’ve asked to remove the solutions block. Now we know how the Index page layout looks like;

This is the wired frame for inside page.

wireframe_inner copy 

I was not happy with the way inner page layout looks. It looks as a mimic of index page and I’ve requested for a complete rework. Asking my designers to put some thought and show some difference.

Now since this is a wire frame we didn’t loose much time. If we had shown a designed sample then the time wastage would have been much higher.

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