CEO LifeStyle’09 Outcome

As an outcome of visiting CEO LifeStyle’09 I got more inclined to; 

  • Buying a Yacht. The way it was displayed carried me away and I immediately enquired the price. An base model of Yacht costs Rs.15,00,000/- and the maintenance is only Rs50,000/- PA. Also the dealers will take care of getting clearance from all regulators. Now I’ve set an additional goal of buying a Yacht within next 5 years.
  • Buying an in-house Golf course. Even this was displayed in the stall and I might buy it by next month. The entire Kit costs Rs.10,000/-
  • Then I came across a cigar stall. Thought I don’t smoke I like to collect and I got the address of the store so that I can start my collection.
  • Other thing is to set a swimming pool in my terrace. I came across a stall where they help to build swimming pools. And they said setting a pool in terrace is feasible. Again new goal is to set a swimming pool in my terrace within a year. 

For now these are the only things which have been in my long list of goals and I think I must work hard & smart to achieve these goals.


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