I heard from my friend that a FLV player add-on for Zencart has been released recently.  In fact, I had been searching for a good FLV player add on for my website, which is an Ecommerce website built on Zencart.  I wanted a FLV player add on to showcase my products in a video demo, but unfortunately, I did not find a suitable add on.  Since I heard from my friend about this new player add on, I felt curious to find about the quality, and downloaded the plugin from this link – http://www.hdflvplayer.net/zencart/  To my astonishment, the FLV player was of high definition quality and had so many options that I never heard of !!!   In fact, until now, I do not know how many features this product has.  It was very easy to download and install.

In the free download version, the logo of the company is present, “HD FLV Player Demo.”  I contacted the support team from www.hdflvplayer.net and they said that it comes as part of the free trial, and and also informed me that the commercial version will not be having this logo.  Since I was very much impressed with the quality that I expected, I went ahead and bought the commercial version, and now, I have installed it in my website and successfully showcasing my products in a video demo.

I strongly recommend this player to anyone who wishes to get a FLV player add on to Zencart websties, it is simply amazing.


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