Retiring from Twitter

Yes all good things must come to an end. That applies to my tweeting too. It all started a year and half back where in I started tweeting actively. Twitter was a means to pass my time and it really helped me to share my thoughts, feeling and emotions. Also I got lots of friends because of Twitter. 

Last year same time when I was feeling lonely in Madurai which was a new place for me, my only companion was twitter. 

In spite of gaining so much from twitter. Why I wanted to quit? 

There are multiple reasons which forced me to take this call; 

  • Twitter has become too huge and chaos.
  • It has become a platform for Spamming.
  • Not longer I feel lonely.
  • My business schedule has become tight and time for twitting has come down.
  • I’ve developed too many hobbies and that has resulted in diluting my interest to tweet.
  • Though I’m an open person I was forced to come down on my tweet because of competitors.
  • Twitter becomes an addict which has taken a toll on my work and sleep.
  • Couple of people started complaining that I’m flooding their timeline with my tweets.
  • Thought my thinking and way to express things improved. My grammar has become poor for trying to fit things into 140 words.
  • Finally most of my friends too have reduced their tweeting and as a result no one is keeping me engaged. 

So, what I mean is I’m not totally quitting Twitter. I’m not going to be an active & consistent participant. I might occasionally tweet and share my feeds as tweets. 

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who have encouraged me, motivated me all through.


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