Bad Things Happen at Same Time

In tamil there is a saying “Patta Kal-liyae Padum Sutta Kai-liae Sudum” (meaning “Hit legs gets re-hittem & Burned hands gets Burned again”). Like that saying lot of challenging things happened to me at the same time. Last week i went out on two day spiritual vacation where in i visited 6 temples in 2 days. After reaching home i wanted to blog the experience and sadly;

  • Internet was not working & in spite of giving repeated complaint’s nothing is happening.
  • When i thought of using Data Card it didn’t work. Reason “Payment not paid” & thanks to my memory power.
  • I settle all my bills online because there was no net i as unable to make payments and i delayed couple of payments from card to data card to insurance policy payment.
  • I was unable to come to office as it was Christmas Holiday and also i was tired of driving continuously for 2 days.

The worst is not over. For christmas i got an invitation from a celebrity friend to attend a charity function at Green Park Hotel, Vadapalani. Everything went well until i met someone who is a pain in my a$$ and things turned topsy turvy that night and i fell ill on saturday and unable to reach office on Saturday.

Then Sunday there was a surprise birthday party of my friend organized by her fiancee. Again i was unable to blog the experience because of internet problem at home. Finally i checked all my mails today after a gap of 6 days. I think this must be the longest gap for not using internet in my entrepreneurial life.

Now i feel relaxed to post this blog and i’ve got to post couple of more pending blogs to be posted.


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