Pyar Impossible

Yesterday i went to watch the movie Pyar Impossible. Crux is how a geekish nerd falls for a Hot babe in his college and who doesn’t express his love for her. Later after seven years how he meets her again and wins over her.

I can draw lot of parallels on why i like the movie;

  • First I never had guts to express my love or liking to any girl. Thought i was neither nerd nor a geek I can relate myself to the character otherwise.
  • I love fathers who raise their kids as friend.
  • How Hero fights back with a guy who has cheated him. Same has happened to me 2 years back.
  • How he gets reunited with his love after seven years.

I’m not a great fan on Uday Chopra. Infact i hate him right from his first movie Mobhathein also i didn’t like him in Dhoom even he did a cool guys character.

But this movie the role has perfectly fit him & also i heard it was his own story. This is the first movie where he inspired me personally. Let see how he is going to make it in long run.

I watched the movie for Piggy Chops and she is Hot as usual & she is the sole lead actor in the movie.

When i saw in Rediff ratings that movie had poor opening. It is sad to see a good movie failing in BO.


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