Great E-Mail from my CTO

My CTO Mr.Kannan has composed this great email.

Dear Cogzians,

I am very much delighted to make this announcement. Yes! Cogzidel Technologies, one year and 4 months old baby is now growing and prepared to take a next step !!

Guess what !! One year and 4 months baby since it babyhood nourished by mother(Madurai development center) , now going to make an attempt to start walking.

Still any Guess !! Ok. Let me have the proud to break the ice.

Next step for Cogzidel Technologies – Starting second development center in Chennai.

We are starting our Chennai Development Center at Admbakkam ( Near Chennai International Airport – Hoping we will have busy schedule to fly often J) from 22nd Jan 2010.

This dream would have not come true but it happens only b’cos of you Cogzian. I am thanking individually every Cogzian.

We are just now making a small step forward and we have long journey to do, we as Cogzian have the commitment to make this organization as one of the best in the industry. We as team can rock anything in this world.

Believe it and Let us all fuel our energy  for the future to grow stronger and stronger, individually as well as a team.

Let us blow our bells and whistles to warmly welcome the new development center.


Great job Kannan. Long live Cogzidel!!!


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