Bureaucrats Biggest Hassle for Business

Interference of Bureaucrats over businesses in India is a growing concern. There is not a proper forum to condemn their arrogance & ill-treatment. There are several instances where in we are affected because of bureaucrats.

Two days back one of our employee has put in his papers. He boldly says that he have put fake experience and has got a job in another company. Not only he has broken his bond he is also not prepared to give one month notice which he agreed while signing his agreement with the company.

When the HR team conveyed things seriously to him, there was a call from Labour Commissioner & Madurai north zone Labour Inspector asking to relieve the person smoothly. When the HR told them about company policy the officers has said that they have helped break several bonds & notice period with TVS group.

They repeatedly called HR and has literally blackmailed him asking if they had to come in person. This is all because the mother of the candidate is also a Labour Inspector. Now Labour officers have intruded unnecessarily into a matter which is totally unnecessary to them.

I don’t know when politicians talk about promoting entrepreneurism in the society. How can that be achieved with unnecessary influence from Bureaucrats which is totally not their mistake.

Most of the company have to live with their shit fearing unnecessary harassment by the officials. We could have taken legal action against the candidate and the concerned officials. But  it will be like throwing a stone in a piece of shit it makes the entire area stink. So, we have left it for now.

Since i didn’t take it legally and teach such people a lesson i thought i can at-least write this blog and reduce my anger.


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