Muthu’s Birthday 2010

Yesterday was Mr.Muthu Kumar’s birthday and he invited us for a treat in Zara Tapas Pub. I was startled for two reason;

  • One is Muthu inviting us for a treat.
  • Second is Muthu inviting us to an expensive pub for treat.

It all happened in a flash as i called Vicky to check if today is muthu’s birthday as i just got an alert from Facebook. By the time there were at Zaras. Since i was in office i reached the place in 10 min. As usual i was without shoes and was not allowed an entry and since it was a birthday invite they gave me a stinking old shoe to maintain their dress code policy.

Since i had my dinner Muthu was spared. I just settled for a Mango juice and as usual Muthu was at his peak in cracking jokes. Madhu and Lakshmi were discussing something which none of us were able to hear.

Then i exploited Muthu by telling him i had a gift for him in my car and made him crazy. None of the folks carried a camera to document the memorable day. Fortunately they had invited me and i immediately went down to my car to pick my camera.

Then we had some photo session & then happened the cake cutting ceremony. Sadly the DJ was a dumb guy who didn’t have a Birthday Song not a Mike to announce the Birthday Wish also he played all old and boring songs.

Now comes the important past. We got the bill and for the first time i saw Muthu taking the responsibility to pay the bill. So we didn’t want to miss the opportunity and we shot snaps of the bill and Muthu placing his card and signing the counterfoil.

Then the important event where in i gifted the Birthday Boy and everyone joined hands to show that they have also contributed.

Over all it was a nice day and really enjoyed the evening. Once again we wish Muthu a Happy Birthday!!!


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