Treat From Kuruvi

It was a hard and long saturday party at my friends factory in Korattur which lasted till 4 AM. Then i went home and crashed to sleep by 4.30 AM only to get a wakeup call from my freind by 5 PM in the evening to invite me for his engagement party.

Thanks to Lakshmi without her this treat would have been a distant dream. Kuruvi accepted to give us a treat and that too in GRT Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. I was asked to pickup Kuruvi and reach Vicky’s house by six o clock. I got up immediately after the call, took bath and drove fast and reached kuruvi’s house by 5.40 and he took 15 min to get ready and still we reached Vicky’s house by 6.05 PM.

Then we started to play Nintendo WII Tennis at Vicky’s house until the time Sudhir reaches. Sadly Sudhir reached an hour late and i had to be spectator watching Vicky & Kuruvi playing. Then we left from Vicky’s home by 7.15. It was a happy hours rite to Temple Bay by pulling down each other.

On reaching Temple Bay we immediately jumped on clicking some snaps and as usual i did the job of a photographer. Since there was no one to take a snap of mine my creative mind thought of taking this picture of mine. I think this would be the best creativity of mine.

We wanted to goto sea facing Walf restaurant and en route there was a private party which organized this classical dance event. It was real joy to watch such professional performance which was mind-blowing.

We were disappointed at Walf as it was full and we were said it will take an hour to get a table. Folks were that hungry that they were unable to resist and we decided to goto closed A/C restaurant and settled for a buffet.

It was here we opened the pandora box of Vicky and again it was fun going back to our college days. After an hour and half of filling our stomach and refreshing our mind. We decided to call it a days and returned back. And folks were tried after a heavy dinner and Lakshmi was half sleepy, Vicky preying god as we were leaking many of his secrets :d.

And it was yet another Special Sunday being with my best folks.


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