Happy Birthday Rooban Bro





STOP Advising Folks!!!!

Yesterday went for weekend bash to my friends house… Right from the first go it was ADVISE!!! ADVISE!!! ADVISE!!! from a very close friend of mine… Am sorry to make a post complaining about my own close buddy…

I know you care for me my friend… But you don’t care if others are comfortable, how yow are putting the person you care into situation & how you are intruding their happiness…

  • You are always pessimistic & complaining… You can’t spoil the mood if you are not enjoying…
  • You advice for once in a blue moon acts of ours… You get angry if we advise on your genuine things which spoil your health & reputation…

We love you and many situations we never bothered your acts… But I was upset that you screed the weekend which I badly waited for to clear my mind…

I take your advise seriously & wish you reciprocate…

Blast at Utandi

Yet another occassion and this time the reason was for Sundar becoming Father… This time it is Kavi, Karthik (Ralf), Sundar & me… This time Karthik took the role of a chauffeur & he picked everyone… Then after buying necessary things we reached Uthandi beach by 11 PM…

It was fun right from the word go… This time I fixed to target Kavi who always teases me & I found a weapon to tackle from now on ;)… But it all started from the noise we heard from the nearby beach house and imagination started playing rounds…

  • I said it must be some ghost in the house…
  • Kavi added spice to my imagination…
  • Sundar said it was Husband & Wife problem…
  • Karthik said it must be a psycho like Nadunissi Naygal (a tamil movie)…

Then we thought we must break into the house and see what is going on… But some how we got distracted & this time it was time for some photo shoots… Kavi & me posted to the instruction of our photographer Karthik and it was fun for sometime… Then it started raining heavily… We all went inside the car and had come grub and drink…

Again we came out once the rain stopped… It was real nice experience as I’ve never been thru such a wonderful situation as there was lightening always & it added light for the fun…

Then it was time for some namology gyan from Sundar & he was talking about the past of everyone of us and our spouse or would be’s…

By this time Kavi got irritated by our pranks & also he got a call from his master (wife)… He lost his mood and slowly we lost interest & we packed back… But it was a fun filled 3 hours and must thank all folks for making the day memorable… Here are moments pictured…

Live bloging from Pasha

Pasha is one place where I had only happy memories… In fact when I had to migrate to Madurai for a year this was the only place that I missed…

This is a place I went for bottom fishing & gained some business networks….

Am in this place after almost 2 years… A lot has changed since then like;

  • No party beyond 3 AM
  • Not a single old friend of mine is here
  • It is not a Jam packed crowd

Only difference is I entered as a stag this time…

And the only similarity is Anand Nataraj… He has never changed & still his hunt continues……………

Birthday Treat for college buddies

What is a birthday without offering treat. I had to honor 3 treat on my birthday and one such treat was dinner for College & School buddies.

I always feel happy to be with my college buddies Vicky, Kuruvi & Sudhir which is a brotherhood’ly friendship. After a lot of confusion we finalized with Copper Chimney and as a strange surprise i was the first to be there.

Thing have changed a lot where in during college days friends use the be there before the person who is offering the treat. Those days offering a treat was forced and compelled one. These days it was a opportunity to have a get-together and time to have fun pulling each other.

After a long time of fun it was time to document the moment and here are the snaps. And i must thank guys for make it a memorable day.

Treat From Kuruvi

It was a hard and long saturday party at my friends factory in Korattur which lasted till 4 AM. Then i went home and crashed to sleep by 4.30 AM only to get a wakeup call from my freind by 5 PM in the evening to invite me for his engagement party.

Thanks to Lakshmi without her this treat would have been a distant dream. Kuruvi accepted to give us a treat and that too in GRT Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. I was asked to pickup Kuruvi and reach Vicky’s house by six o clock. I got up immediately after the call, took bath and drove fast and reached kuruvi’s house by 5.40 and he took 15 min to get ready and still we reached Vicky’s house by 6.05 PM.

Then we started to play Nintendo WII Tennis at Vicky’s house until the time Sudhir reaches. Sadly Sudhir reached an hour late and i had to be spectator watching Vicky & Kuruvi playing. Then we left from Vicky’s home by 7.15. It was a happy hours rite to Temple Bay by pulling down each other.

On reaching Temple Bay we immediately jumped on clicking some snaps and as usual i did the job of a photographer. Since there was no one to take a snap of mine my creative mind thought of taking this picture of mine. I think this would be the best creativity of mine.

We wanted to goto sea facing Walf restaurant and en route there was a private party which organized this classical dance event. It was real joy to watch such professional performance which was mind-blowing.

We were disappointed at Walf as it was full and we were said it will take an hour to get a table. Folks were that hungry that they were unable to resist and we decided to goto closed A/C restaurant and settled for a buffet.

It was here we opened the pandora box of Vicky and again it was fun going back to our college days. After an hour and half of filling our stomach and refreshing our mind. We decided to call it a days and returned back. And folks were tried after a heavy dinner and Lakshmi was half sleepy, Vicky preying god as we were leaking many of his secrets :d.

And it was yet another Special Sunday being with my best folks.

One more enjoyable day

Reached home early in the morning after a boring Saturday party and straight away went to bed. Then I slept till the afternoon and had to wake up for two reasons;

  • Firstly it was my father’s birthday and had small party.
  • Second is I’ve fixed an appointment for second half of the day.

My sister woke me up to celebrate my father’s birthday. I must thank her for talking all these initiatives as I’m very bad at doing things like these. She has brought a cake as surprise and this is the first time we are celebrating my father’s birthday as he has always stayed away from us and I think this is the birthday where in he has stayed with us and we all as a family were at one place.

Since my father is a person who has very less desire we had nothing to gift him. So we thought of buying him some shares which he trades.

After the birthday party I rushed out to a place called Vedal near Periyapalayam to see a piece of plot. Again it was a finest drive which I longed for. We drove along old traditional roads of Tamil Nadu which were not affected by the expansion of highways. Then we travelled through a stretch of forest and finally came the spot.

I’m not sure if this place develops immediately or not. I’d love to buy a piece of plot as it is within my affordability and its been 3 years since I purchased a land. Also there are small mountains and it would be a perfect place to have a small bamboo house and spend peaceful time or also we can party hard as it doesn’t disturb anyone.

From there we went to the famous PeriyaPalayam Amman temple which is visited almost 15 years back and a lot have changed since then. Since it is a normal day temple was not crowded and we had a nice darshan.

Then while driving back we spent all the money and neither of us had a single penny. After a long time my bank account has gone empty and I’ve been living with credit card for last 10 days.  While returning we didn’t realize that there was a toll. Then we were thinking what to do and one of my friends asked me to get all the old toll tickets in hand. We thought we can elope by the time the toll keeper checks the right ticket.

To our surprise the toll has a barricade where in we can proceed without paying. Also the toll rate was Rs.31 and we didn’t have anything other than credit card. Then with brave face my friend gave all 5 toll tickets to the toll keeper and asked him to check which the right ticket is. Without even checking he opened the gates asking us to leave. We didn’t know if he realized if we were conning him or he didn’t have patience to check all the tickets.

It was a thrilling experience and for long I wanted to explore things without any money on hand. I always thought of putting myself in such a situation and it happened today. I’m thankful to god for creating such an opportunity and I want to be on similar situations even in future.

Over all it has been a very interesting and heart filling day as; 

  • I celebrated my father’s birthday.
  • Went for site visits to buy land which is one of my hobbies.
  • Went to a temple which I use to visit as a kid.
  • And for the first time I experienced a situation to manage without money.

Topsy Turvy Saturday

We have decided to party last Saturday and all arrangements were planned ahead. The original plan was to head to 10 Downing Street in North Boag road as we wanted to goto a different place. My friends promised to come with two of his girl friends to take us in. 

But things started too disastrous as usual. My friends got help up in a party in ECR and I got engaged in business meetings. The girls asked us to pick then before 9 o clock which were unable to do it. 

Now all confusions started & some how we achieved what we wanted. Here is a synopsis of the night; 

  • I & my friends reached the place by 11 o clock.
  • We were not allowed inside as we were stags.
  • Kudos to our celebrity friend with whose help we were let it. But it was 11.40 PM.
  • The floor was closed by 12 o clock and we literally did nothing.
  • We didn’t want to spoil the day and we headed to Pasha. Again with the help of celebrity friend.
  • This was the first time I enjoyed danced with unknown babes. That too because of my celebrity friend. Girls approached him to dance with them and since we were his friends we got along well.
  • Then this time Udayanidhi Stalin didn’t make it to the night and the place was closed by 2 o clock in the morning.
  • We were litrally asked to leave the parking lot because it was the day of Babri Masjid demolition.
  • Still we were not fully happy and we planned to head to Checkers.
  • Checkers was a pacca local crowd. But I enjoyed a lot here as this was something new and interesting.
  • Then we were there doing some Bottom Fishing till 5 AM.
  • Then we were too tired and I reached home only by 5.30 in the morning. 

So we started with 10 Downing then hopped to Pasha & finally hopped to checkers. At the end of the day I was happy and an electrifying evening.