I’m almost about to complete 3 decades on this earth. Firstly i can’t believe how fast days have run as i still keep thinking that I’m just out of school as i still keep thinking about my Farewell party thought it has been 13 long years.

On rewinding back to the past it it mixed with Joy & Bitter experience. Some of the bigger bitter experience has always been loosing good friends who has to part ways for several reasons ranging from reasons like Career, Quarrel, Family etc.

I also miss the golden Schooling days and College days. Today i got an opportunity to sit alone and think back the past and cherish the golden moments which i’ve come across.

I remembered how i bunked classes for playing cricket and for watching movie, fighting for barring first & for a extra bite of samosa, how 3-4 guys travel in a 50CC bike, planning all crook methods to pass an exam et more.

There are several friends who have come across in my life but some are really special and live close to heart. Of them i miss these folks;

  • Vignesh (Thankfully he is back from US)
  • Balaji Murali
  • Aravind
  • Balaji Kandan (Don’t know if he has time for me after marriage 😦 )
  • Kuruvi
  • Sudhir
  • Senthil Nathan
  • Prabha
  • Biju
  • Anand
  • Stalin

Though i’ve good number of friends i miss the above list as i’ve spend some memorable moments with them and no longer they have the same time for me these days.

Now times pass and there are bunch of new friends who fill the gaps. But there can be no replacement as each one contributed to my happiness in their own way.

When ever i get an opportunity to meet these folks i never missed the opportunity to meet them. Latest in the list being Stalin & Anand whom i met at Stalin’s engagement.

Now it is time to think more about the golden days and have a dream where i can be with my missing buddies.

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