Life of Anand

Fun with friends is his daily bread,
With jokes and tales, his heart is fed.
He’s always up for an adventure,
To explore the world with pure pleasure.

But his heart’s been broken once or twice,
In struggles with relationships, he paid the price.
But he picks himself up and moves on,
To find new love and write a new song.

Blogging is his passion and his muse,
With each new post, he lights a fuse.
He shares his thoughts and experiences,
To motivate and inspire, he never misses.

An entrepreneur at heart, he takes a chance,
To create a business, to take a stance.
He experiments and tries new things,
To build his empire, to spread his wings.

Long drives are his escape from the grind,
On the open road, his soul unwinds.
With the wind in his hair and the sun on his face,
He finds solace and peace in this open space.

Anand’s life is full of ups and downs,
But he never loses his smile or his crown.
With his friends by his side and his dreams in sight,
He’ll live his life with all his might.


Touch Base Time

For almost six months I stayed disconnected from most of my friends….

  • Didn’t pick their calls…
  • Didn’t respond to their FB messages…
  • Didn’t respond to their emails…

Not sure what gave the energy I almost touch based with a lot of my friends…. A lot has happened over this six months of disconnect….

  • A friend met with an accident and his life changed badly….
  • A friend took a turn from his IT business and has diversified to ice- cream making…
  • A friend made me think bad by apologising for not lifting his calls… Just replied him the curcomestances which pushed me to break communications…

In one day I touch based with 9 friends of mine and it is time to catch up s’more to say I’m back to my routine…..

Changing Times & Lifestyles

Had a long conversation with my next door neighbor aunty… We have been neighbor for past 25 years as we came to this neighborhood almost together… Conversation started when she asked if my sister has reached US… We were talking for a long time & both were surprised to know a lot of things… She was telling people lack time for each other these days and we are not sure what our neighbor are upto these days… She was telling what I use to do in those early days… I hardly remember many as I was 6 years old & my sister was 3 months old :)…

A lot has changed in this two and half decade… When we came to this newly constructed our house during 1986 we had a good community… Almost everyone knew each other & there use to be a lot of community events conducted by our Welfare Association… One example was when I fractured my legs I was visited be a lot of neighbor to wish me quick recovery…

But these day we hardly have time for each other… Even community events are lacking patronage… I (mostly everyone) know new entrants into our neighborhood… Even with people I know it would be a smiley gesture and a reciprocation from the other end; we have no time to even stop and have a small conversation…  I was shocked to know lot of my friends with whom I played have been married with kids…

I’m not sure where are we heading to… We are looking like aliens to our own neighbors and I’m not happy with this new culture…

A day at ECT Shelters Resort

Must thank Rooban for organizing a get together at Shelters Resort yesterday. He brought a bunch of his Business Development colleagues and I was thrilled because Business Development was one of my favorite area. As always it was fun to get linked with new buddies & we all got along immediately.

Totally we were 4 folks + 1 teetotaler :)… Asusual it all started formally by knowing each other and after couple of gulps we started discussing my favorite topic “Why they have not tried their hands on entrepreneurship?”… It was nice to know different reasons… But it all boiled down to Gut Factor…

Then we went out to see Shooting of some movie with all new faces… They were shooting an accident scene at ECR and immediately I got the dummy blood and applied it for some personal photo shoot… The shooting crew was polite in handling a bunch of drunken hooligans who were disturbing their shoot…

Over all it was a productive friday night.

Life has come a Circle

Thirteen years back when I was in college my neighbors & relatives who were elder to me by 7 – 10 years use to take me for movies. I’d be waiting for weekends and I was not sure then why they were taking all the pains to take me by spending on tickets and snacks for me.

Then after completion of my graduation and after starting to earn I use to goto movies every weekend along with my friends. Problem then was there were different sets of friends (School, College, Neighbor) use to call me at a same time. It was hard to take a choice but i managed by shuffling teams every week.

Then after a time I started approaching my juniors to accompany me for a movie. Yesterday I was in a situation where I wanted to go for a movie. When I approached my juniors whom I took for granted until sometime back CHANGED. When I approached then I started getting reasons my friends use to tell me or Vice-Versa.

Just realized that they have grown and they have become serious in their life. Only yesterday I got an answer “Why I was sponsored for movie by my Seniors”. Now I realize that I was doing a favor for them and they didn’t.

Life has come a full circle and now it is time to drill down and look for young Kids who can give me company.

It is time to stop helping friends monetarily

I know it would be rude on my part o make this post. But my frustration had gone sky high and i want to break it some how and i don’t have another choice other than to write about it here.

Till now I’ve lent money to many of my friends and that is the tune of Rs.2,00,000/-. The timing of the help was at a time when they needed it and now when I’m in need of the money and when I ask then to repay what I’ve lent their behavior upsets me.

Normally when I lend money I do it that I might not get the money back. But I in less than a month I’ve helped a friend by making a payment using my credit card. Now he has not returned the money back and I have to pay the interest for 40K which i”ve used from that card.

Another friend of mine had got money from me 2 years back promised to return it within a month. Now when I call him he keeps dragging by telling he will give it in a day or two. But i’ve not got my money back.

There are more such stories but the result is the same. So, from now i’ve decided no to help anyone monetarily.

Emergency Experience

It was saturday night & i’ve planned to party after a while. My friends & I were already in a hotel and the time we were about to enter the discotheque I got a call from my friend Sriram & Bala that they were in trouble. When i called them back i was requested to come to MIOT hospital without wasting time on phone.

Instantly we cancelled all our program and I reached MIOT hospital in 20 min. I was shocked to see some 5 of my friends bleeding and were in a critical state. Normally I’m scared to see people who have met with accidents. This time i didn’t know where i got the confidence from. I was able to handle the situation. To my surprise;

  • I saw all my friends & was able to console them.
  • I did all the documentation formalities in the Hospital.
  • Handled the COPS.

I must say doctor attending emergency patients single handedly managed the situation well with his support staff. When i left of them were taken to ICU & I reached home to take some rest.

After waking up by noon I called up folks & was glad that everyone was shifted to normal ward and everyone was out of danger.

Then i went to the hospital to meet them. By this time most of the family members were already there & my friends were screwed by their parents & wives.

Other irony for them was they were getting calls from friends & relatives and they had to explain what has happened to everyone. I think each of them would have explained the situation to friends, relatives, cops & hospital staff at-least 50 times each.

I didn’t want them to be serious and we started making joke of the situation and we all made hospital as a get-together event. Now they are all out of danger & letz prey for their speedy recovery.

Will keep you all posted about their recovery process.

Feeling lonely at nights

Mornings are business as usual and I don’t know how time runs. I’m feeling too bored at nights. I normally talk to friends, go for drives and keep myself engaged at nights too.

After the exit of old friends and entry of new ones I don’t have dreath of friends. But I don’t have the brotherhood friendship where in I can take them for granted.

I use to hang around with my new friends until last week. We stopped roaming during weekdays because;

– Watching movies during weekdays leaves us with no option during weekends.
– Another pass-time is going to food joints, which adds to the calorie.
– Also we spend a lot on tickets, food & travel. Which is a added burden.

Now I don’t feel sleepy, also I’m done with my work. Now don’t know what to do? How & what to engage.

Starting to feel the pinch of loneliness.


I’m almost about to complete 3 decades on this earth. Firstly i can’t believe how fast days have run as i still keep thinking that I’m just out of school as i still keep thinking about my Farewell party thought it has been 13 long years.

On rewinding back to the past it it mixed with Joy & Bitter experience. Some of the bigger bitter experience has always been loosing good friends who has to part ways for several reasons ranging from reasons like Career, Quarrel, Family etc.

I also miss the golden Schooling days and College days. Today i got an opportunity to sit alone and think back the past and cherish the golden moments which i’ve come across.

I remembered how i bunked classes for playing cricket and for watching movie, fighting for barring first & for a extra bite of samosa, how 3-4 guys travel in a 50CC bike, planning all crook methods to pass an exam et more.

There are several friends who have come across in my life but some are really special and live close to heart. Of them i miss these folks;

  • Vignesh (Thankfully he is back from US)
  • Balaji Murali
  • Aravind
  • Balaji Kandan (Don’t know if he has time for me after marriage 😦 )
  • Kuruvi
  • Sudhir
  • Senthil Nathan
  • Prabha
  • Biju
  • Anand
  • Stalin

Though i’ve good number of friends i miss the above list as i’ve spend some memorable moments with them and no longer they have the same time for me these days.

Now times pass and there are bunch of new friends who fill the gaps. But there can be no replacement as each one contributed to my happiness in their own way.

When ever i get an opportunity to meet these folks i never missed the opportunity to meet them. Latest in the list being Stalin & Anand whom i met at Stalin’s engagement.

Now it is time to think more about the golden days and have a dream where i can be with my missing buddies.