How Challenges Becomes Opportunity

I’ve a decade of experience as an entrepreneur. It was an experience filled with challenges and issues which only helped me to become a man of great character and stature. To be frank I became an entrepreneur as an incident rather than a planned one. Only after stepping in I came to know it is not everyone’s piece of cake and by the time I realized it I was lost in deep jungles.

Since I was trapped in a deep jungle I have no way out and only option when you don’t have a choice is to walk further until you find your way out. There were lots of adventures, accomplishments, experiments. Many a times I worked on more intuitions rather than plan. But with lots of perseverance I was able to overcome all the challenges and also found out a way out of the jungle.

I’d like to share one of my personal experiences where I was able to convert a challenge into an opportunity.

As I always repeat about my academics that I was a poor student I didn’t have the guts to disobey my parents as they always negotiated / blackmailed me about my results. I never had the guts to disobey them and when I told them that I had the desire to become an entrepreneur after the completion of my under graduation (UG). They immediately de-motivated me that I can’t be a successful businessman as I didn’t hail from a business community and also because I was poor in my academics.

They admitted me in a college for Post Graduation even when I was in my UG final year. After completing the final year in UG I failed in Discrete Math’s and I was treated as a failed guy in life. My mother and grandmother were crying day in and out adding a sense of insecurity which only demolished my confidence.

Then to stay away from all these negativity I started a business and started working from my friend’s office. Within a year I got a lot of self confidence and also I cleared my arrear. The very next year my parents forced me to join PG which I refused to do. When they asked me to get out of the house I was prepared as I had developed my self confidence by this time.

Thought it was a tough two months I has to pass after getting the exam results I always think I’m an entrepreneur today just because of the failed result. If I passed at first attempt I’d have joined PG and would have taken a job after it and would have been on the list of guys who never followed their dreams. 

Today I had discussion with one of my Director about the financial crunch we are facing because of Paypal and also because of poor collections. All I told him was we have to learn the lessons and to dig for the opportunity hidden inside the turbulence. At this time what I expect from my team members is to believe in their skills and stay focuses and break the way to success.

All I can tell at this point in Tough Times Doesn’t Last!! But Tough People Do…


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