My Birthday Party

This is a post which i must have made a week back. But because of hectic schedule i had to wait for long to make many posts.

One important post which i must share is that of my Birthday party. It all started on 24th a day before my birthday which is on February 25th. I know my sister would have planned a surprise and i wanted to prank her. So i asked Balaji to book tickets for some movie.

Then the evening as a coincidence my sister came home the same time i reached with a cover and there were lots of covers with cakes in kitchen i realized there is something special going to happen.

Then i told my mother and sister that i already planned for a movie with Balaji and immediately i got a call from Balaji telling his fiance has lost the ring he has got him. Initially i thought it was a prank made by Balaji. But when i came to know really the ring was lost i felt sorry for her.

Then my mom asked me to bring a bucket from terrace and when i went it was a surprise. To see Cake, my uncle, aunty, cousin brothers and sisters & Balaji handling the camera as usual. Then it was fun and time to shoot some snaps.

Then on coming down to home was surprised to see my college buddies Mr & Mrs. Vignesh, Sathish & Sudhir and it was all surprise and it is all planned by my sister. The came with Cake and gift and they took me back to my birthday we celebrated on 2000. I feel guilty that i never did anything special for her.

Then came a surprise gift from my mother, Balaji & sister. It was a Blackberry and today it is of big use as I’m not wasting time. Even when I’m in my rest room I’m making the time productive :). Thanks a lot guys.

Finally it was my sister who has won the day as she made it more memorable and she broke all my tricks to make prank of her.


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