Banking @ 4 AM

For last two months it was all financial mess and thanks to Paypal and some under performance. Because of financial issues i had to forgo my salary for last two months. This has resulted in me using my card and some messy financial management.

I know i musth have been more careful in planning my finance during this time. Because of all those mess i forgot all my monthly commitments and it resulted in last minute syndrome and i had to settle all my bills at last moment.

One such thing is one of my EMI which i’ve given Standard Charted Bank account for  ECS and i just remembered about the commitment. Thanks to SCB’s 24 hour banking because of which i went and made a deposit of nine thousand by 4 o clock in the morning and this is what i did last month also and many other times in the past.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by banks for making me too tardy.


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