New-sense by Tempo Parkers

Almost a year back a house on our street has been leased as a godown to a retailer. They use tempo’s to transport the stock to their store. But this has turned to a new-sense for the residence as they are parking the tempo on the roads which makes it difficult for four wheelers.

Also there was an irony with metro water who have dug one half of our road and made it difficult to drive. When i came home from work by 3 AM i got irritated as one half was not usable and even the other half because of the tempo driver.

Look at the they way they have made it. I think it is time to take serious action against them. I’m planning to initiate to get a signature from all other residence and post a complaint with the police station.

Also i want to take a snap as a proof to see the difficulties faced by residence;


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