Feeling lonely at nights

Mornings are business as usual and I don’t know how time runs. I’m feeling too bored at nights. I normally talk to friends, go for drives and keep myself engaged at nights too.

After the exit of old friends and entry of new ones I don’t have dreath of friends. But I don’t have the brotherhood friendship where in I can take them for granted.

I use to hang around with my new friends until last week. We stopped roaming during weekdays because;

– Watching movies during weekdays leaves us with no option during weekends.
– Another pass-time is going to food joints, which adds to the calorie.
– Also we spend a lot on tickets, food & travel. Which is a added burden.

Now I don’t feel sleepy, also I’m done with my work. Now don’t know what to do? How & what to engage.

Starting to feel the pinch of loneliness.


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