Challenging visit to Mayiladuthurai

Had to drive to Mayiladuthurai to attend a friends wedding. I had to drive my parents & aunt for the marriage. Though i love to go for such drives i had hard time as i had to drive during a hot day on 1st June. On reaching the town by noon we reached my aunt’s home to take a short nap. Agony started again & there was no power and we had to sleep under a Fan which ran on a inverter. After waking up we all took bath and reached the Marriage Hall.

It was time to meet all the cousins and pull down each other. Other side elders were introducing us to other distant relatives. WE were there in the hall for 4 hours and time went in a jiffy.

Then we came back to aunt’s house only to find that the power hasn’t come back. I went to a nearby Hotel named PAMS which had only one AC room and i blocked the room immediately. When i picked my sister, mom & granny power came back. Sadly hotel denied a refund and we all stayed in the hotel.

Next day we all got up by 5 AM and reached the hall by 6 AM for marriage. Again 5 hours went like a giffy. But the hall was too hot for us to stay till noon. After the dinner we immediately started to drive back to Chennai.

Since i drove the previous day & because of poor sleep i was very tired & with great difficulty i drove back home. After that i had a slept immediately by 6 PM and got up only at 10 AM the next day.


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