Severe power problem

Acceptance is the greatest Sin & we indians are known for accepting things beyond limits. Last one month we have been suffering form severe power problem both at home & at office. Being an entrepreneur this is getting on to my nerves.

Yesterday night has reached a level where in would have used all ungrammatical words if Tamil Nadu’s power minister mister Arcot Veeraswamy would have come to face me. Yesterday had severe low voltage and inverter was also not working. Inverter starts sending backup power only when there is a full power cut & not for low voltage.

We were all reeling under the sweat & uneasiness from lack of air generation. I don’t know if all our ministers house is getting affected by the problem faced by a normal citizen.

Other irony is I see lots of power being stolen from local transformer to light the decorative lights on the roads to mark the birthday of our chief minister M.Karunanidhi. I just want to know who is paying for their deeds?? It is we the common man.

As a ordinary citizen of this country I stand helpless waiting for next election to teach a lesson. I don’t know if we vote for a new government can bring a solution. But at-least we have the contention of giving back to someone. I’m great admirer of this DMK government as they have brought Investments into the state, developed infrastructure. But they deserve to loose because of ignoring the power sector. They can bring the change because they are a part of the government in the centre & at power in the state.

What ever may be I stand helpless for not getting a solution today. I had disturbed sleep the whole night and suffering from headache. This is going to take a toll on my productivity & also on my health. As any normal citizen I’m writing this blog and moving away with life. As i cant do anything other that this for now.


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