Why I Like Raavanan

I wanted to make a post about this a while back but it took some time. Itz better late than never. As usual we grabbed tickets for Raavanan on the first day and the immediate response from my friends were negative. I personally liked the movie very much. But as days passed I was getting only one feed back that movie sucks. Also what made me red was people started criticizing Mani Rathnam like;

  • He has gone old.
  • He doesn’t understand latest trent.
  • He is saturated.

But what ever the critic may tell. You cant judge a person with one movie. We all must remember that he has re-defined Indian cinema & one more thing is movie is not that bad. But still I’m unable to crack what went wrong that most of the people didn’t like the movie.

For me Vikram, Karthik & Prabu have given a great performance. Coming back to the point on why I liked the movie is because of the songs, the camera work, stumble comedy & typical mani’s screen play.


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