IBCD Generation

We all have heard about ABCD (American Born Confused Desis)… But offlate I see a lot of IBCD (Indian Born Confused Desis) including me. Yep i think we are in a generation where we are caught between Indian family values and the western culture which is getting embedded into our lifestyle.

Discos, Pub-culture, Private Parties, Western wear, Group outings et more have all started to become of lifestyle in this decade. Youths of this generation have been exposed to this new found entertainment and this has made them totally confused in balancing their new generation lifestyle with the indian family lifestyle.

This has posted a new challenge to this new generation when it comes to finding their match. This NG has been blessed with the opportunity to network, get acquainted, develop friendship, extend it to LOVE. But here comes the problem;

  • First they have too much options as they meet more people and they endup meeting a couple of people sharing common thoughts or people whom they have longed to form a relationship.
  • Second is to align their romantic life with the Family culture.

Most of my friends lack a lot of clarity while deciding their limits. They end up quarreling while deciding to draw their boundaries. Because of availability of options to form new relationships they end up breaking for small & silly quarrels. This has left a lot of people having strained relationship and made them a confused folk who are very poor in making decision.

One main reason for all this is because of getting raised in a Value System and suddenly jumping into a lifestyle which we were always told is not good or not a part of our life style. It is high time that our education system takes note of this new problem among Indian youth and start addressing the issue. Also there must be awareness programs / camps on the subject.

Until then I don’t see any respite as we are getting more western with our SKIN & stay Indian with our flesh. So, the sad part is when we peel the skin it pains, of we remove the flesh we die.

So we are all living a life by peeling our skin and accepting the trauma of pain to avoid death.

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