Drove to Ooty

After reaching Coimbatore went to my uncles house to got ready and proceeded to Ndot.

After finishing some official work with Ndot CEO Mr. Nanda it was time to Drive to Ooty.

Here is the synopsis of the trip;

– Nanda, Subbu (host, chef & guide), Vignesh & me are the famous four folks for the trip.
– I had to do some shopping & we broke the group into two & decided to meet at Mettupalayam. – Nanda & me went to R.S.Puram & I brought a wind cheater & a cap from Reebok. Then we got a set of Sunglass & went to Seasons to cool our body with some fresh Juice & eyes with some beauties at seasons.
– Then we started to drive to Mettupalayam, but we met other folks even before Mettupalayam.
– From Mettupalayam we took Kothagiri road instead of Connur road.
– Then we came to a guest house 17 KM away from ooty. No house near by & it is surrounded by Vegetable fields.
– It is a serviced guest house with 3 bed room, a attached loo & bathroom, a kitchen, a hall with TV. All this for just Rs.1000/- per day.

I’ve no words to explain the experience. Have shot a lot of snaps which I’ll publish on Monday. For now enjoy the snaps taken from my blackberry.


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