Struggled to reach Coimbatore

Yesterday was a hectic & frustrating day;

– Slept long & reached to board meeting by 12.30
– Then had a nice board meeting.
– Then thought of video blogging & got free installation & integration of VBlog from Contus Support.
– Thought of publishing my first video blog but was unable do it in hurry.
– Rains spoiled the road & made it unwalkable.
– Caught a rick to board the bus.
– From there the nightmare started.
– The bus took a long route to Coimbatore.
– The route was full of pits and we were thrown up & down. Until we reached Erode we had a bumpy ride & was unable to sleep.

Though I enjoy such unexpected experiences. I was in a bad mood to enjoy it this time. But finally reached Coimbatore & started planning to chill out the bad mood.


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