Enthiran Everywhere

If there would have been a religion called Rajiniism then the entire Tamil Speaking pollution would have been following that religion. Our thalaivar can be humble to tell that the movie would become a hit because it is a Aishwarya Rai – Shankar – Kalanidhi Maran – A.R.Rehman combination. But we are not bothered about the combination but we love it because it is a Rajini movie. One thing what I get upset is every time our icon degrades himself to praise other people. He has to realize that we are only getting irritated. Otherwise we are looking for the movie.

Already Buzz has started to come rounds. Social Media is full of the music launch, trailer videos & song reviews. Also the when I went to Satyam Cinemas we were startled to see Jumbo Coke cups to be of Enthiran’s.

With all this buzz and hype I cant resist to know the release date and we have lots of plans for the occasion.


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