Should I live for myself or for the society???

After coming from Ooty I’ve posted snaps of me drinking & dancing with friends. I got request from my well wishers to remove them. The reason they gave me is that I’m a CEO & people will not respect if I engage on such things. Thought of posting my views on going public on my acts.

  • First I don’t want to Justify the act of Drinking.
  • Also I’m not endorsing something.
  • I drink occasionally & I want to enjoy the occasion.
  • My personal & professional lives are apart and I don’t want to hide something for the sake of another.
  • I feel by hiding / filtering my personal experience for the sake of Professional respect is again like Cheating people.
  • I want my Brand Identity & Brand Image to be the same.
  • I’m convinced in what I’m doing because; My Virtual Mentors like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson & Larry Ellison have all lived a life which were public & still they were respected.

So, according to me I must be respected Professionally for the work I do & not by seeing my personal life. I know it is a matter of debate, but i believe in what I’m doing and I feel proud to be a open person.


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