Playing with PS Express APP

Have become a huge fan of PS Express app… The app is very much helpful for post processing images…

This app has complemented to my growing passion for Mobile Photography…

Just played with a poor quality image of Thalaivar Rajinikanth & could improve it to a fair extent…


Image was taken from FaceBook which was of poor resolution & quality…

With the help of PS Express the image is improved to this extent…

A definite (y) to the APP…

Success is Taken… Not Given…

A lot of people long for better platform to carve their success… They must takes cues from these personalities and see how they carved their success in their own industry… Remember life isn’t about finding yourself :)… Life is about creating yourself…

I didn’t complete my University : Bill Gates
I Stitched Shoes in childhood : Abraham Lincoln
I was the one who served in Hotels : OBEROI
I was Conductor : RajniKanth
I worked at Petrol Pump : Ambani
I Failed in class 10th : Sachin Tendulkar
I was a Drop out n Keyboard Player : A R Rahman
I Slept on a Bench & borrowed Rs 20 everyday from friend to travel to filmcity : ShahRukh Khan
I used to serve Tea to support my Football Training : Lionel Messi

Enthiran Everywhere

If there would have been a religion called Rajiniism then the entire Tamil Speaking pollution would have been following that religion. Our thalaivar can be humble to tell that the movie would become a hit because it is a Aishwarya Rai – Shankar – Kalanidhi Maran – A.R.Rehman combination. But we are not bothered about the combination but we love it because it is a Rajini movie. One thing what I get upset is every time our icon degrades himself to praise other people. He has to realize that we are only getting irritated. Otherwise we are looking for the movie.

Already Buzz has started to come rounds. Social Media is full of the music launch, trailer videos & song reviews. Also the when I went to Satyam Cinemas we were startled to see Jumbo Coke cups to be of Enthiran’s.

With all this buzz and hype I cant resist to know the release date and we have lots of plans for the occasion.

Happy Birthday Thalaiva!!

I’ve grown like most of the folks in Tamil Nadu by admiring our idol Super Star Rajini Kanth. We call him Thalaiva (Leader) and all his movies have been super hits. 

Rajini is known for his; 

  • Mass fan following in TN & many parts of the globe.
  • He brought the cult of delivering Punch Dialogue.
  • He is known for his quick reflex in movements.
  • He brought the Style cult into Tamil cinema.
  • He is known for showing unbelievable / unrealistic stunts or actions into Tamil cinema & yet it is been accepted by audience.
  • He brought in Hero based comedy into Tamil cinema (which is one of the reasons for his success). 

These are some of his movies which I admire; 

  • 6’il Irundhu 60’vadhu Varai
  • Mullum Malarum
  • 16’ru Vayadhinilae
  • Murattu Kalai
  • Thillu Mullu
  • Dhalapathi
  • Basha
  • Muthu 

There are more movies I like but these are some of my favorites of him. 

To talk about this gentleman we have to tell him Simple, Soft, Polite in spite of being such a big Success Story. He is a Rag to Rich story and all aspiring youths can take cues from the journey of this man. 

Acquisitions we have against our icon are; 

  • Not entering politics.
  • Always degrading him while praising someone.
  • Going to Himalayas ignoring his Fans.
  • Not being stable in his decisions. 

Even we are all upset on the above list of things. We still love him and admire him to the core. 

Today our icon is celebrating his 60th birthday. Thought he gets old by age he is still young by heart.

On this occasion I wish our Thalaivar Rajini Kanth a Happy Birthday on behalf of all his Fans. 

Long Live Rajini. So, that he can give us more movies.