Chilled out for the day & a day of co-incidence

I’ve decided to take some break form my normal work and do something interesting. That is when I got a message in FaceBook from a person whom I befriended last week in the bus. He was telling me that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and wanted to spend sometime with me to understand / get some of my thoughts on Entrepreneurship. I though that would be the best thing to take a break.

Before getting ready I got another message in FaceBook from a Student. He was asking my thoughts on MBA. This guy has just completed his Under Graduation and wants to pursue his MBA immediately. He said he has not attended any campus interview to continue his studies and also his parents wants him to have a Post Graduation before he going to Job. I recommended him to work for 2 – 3 years before doing a MBA. I’ve shared as must as example as possible. But it is upto the boy to take my point and to convince his parents.

Then I was going through the success story of Mr.Ganapathy of Dosa Plaza which raised my energy. Please go through this link to read about his story “Once penniless in Mumbai, now a crorepati!

Only then I remembered about the Success Story of another person whom I read a month back and contacted him immediately. I was glad to get a polite response form him and most probably I’d be meeting him tomorrow.

Then I picked my bus mate and spent good time with him. We were sharing our thoughts, plans and ideas. It was mutual learning and infact he had good network of friends who would be of good help for me in my business. So, it was worth the time to spend with him.

Finally when I was about to close the day I got a SMS from a new visitor to my blog;

I have come across your blog by accident. im a sri lankan tamil living in uk.keep da inspiring work sir.god bless .raj ramanan

and immediately he called me. That was very motivating and I was happy that people recognize the small success I’ve made and not it is time to work hard to sustain the success.


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