A nice meeting & a new friend

Today I had to give an appointment to Deutsche Bank folks because I was chased by their pre-sales caller from Mumbai for almost a week. Then as usual I was late for the meeting because my previous meeting got stretched.

I allowed this guy to talk for couple of minutes where he lists his clientele, products etc. After listening to everything I asked him;

What will they do if they get a proposal from a Startup with an idea?

He said he (the Bank) cant help them. Then I said that is where I’m positioning myself and I wanted to help those people by Seed funding them since they are denied a chance with Biggies.

Then we because close on a personal note and he was talking about his entrepreneur wife who runs a chain of Pre-Schools. I’ve never seen an husband talking that high about his wife. In fact I wanted to meet her and have an interview of her in my blog.

Then we We discussed a lot about other business models, ideas etc. Finally what started as a Business Meet ended as a Friendship Meet and would be glad to meet such energetic guys.


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