Are we acting?

Yesterday didn’t plan much to spend some time with my friend. As usual i slept long and started the day by evening. Then I picked my friend and went to Marina beach and from there I took him to a Roof-top restaurant near my house.  We started a formal conversation and after gulping some pegs it became too informal.

I’ve always admired this guy for his self-confidence and enjoying his life to his fullest. He is in his early thirties and still not married. Until yesterday I thought he is pushing his marriage for the sake of his career. Even i strongly believed marriage is a stumbling block for ambitious people like us.

But I was in for a rude shock. This guy on his high confessed that he wanted to get married and he badly needs a companion. I’ve seen a lot for friends who were very desperate for marriage and they have obviously shown that in their behavior.  But this guy has never once he has shown those symptoms.

From then on I was wondering if we are all living a false life? Are we acting?

With this experience I can say we are all living with a masked face…

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