What is my RealSelf?

It is been two years since I’m trying to find my real-self. When I look at myself after decade long career I’m not convinced with my achievements / accomplishments. Still in hunt for pursuit. What do I need? I don’t know. In this 10 years;

  • I choose a career of my like.
  • I choose hobbies of my like.
  • I choose friends of my like.
  • I choose business of my like.
  • Got parents who are very understanding & supporting.
  • Fairly independent when it comes to finances.
  • My second venture Cogzidel Consultancy Services is also picking up and moving on right path.
  • My main technology business is keeping me engaged.

But in spite of all that I’m not convinced / happy. I still keep thinking i’m missing something which I want. My friends advised me it is time to get married. But I’m sure i’m looking something for even better / bigger than marriage or a girl friend.

I must thank my friend for insisting me to watch the movie Fight Club and the Hero in the movie undergoes same problem as mine. Hero is a successful guy in his career and he buys all expensive stuff & enjoys a decent life. But in spite of that he suffers from insomnia and he starts hunting for his realself and he develops a split personality. He creates a fraternity without his knowledge.

Likewise i’m also in search of my realself and not sure how to do it. Not sure what to do and how to do? I’ve no idea. But sooner am planning to visit a buddhist monastery and lead the life of a Monk for couple of months to understand life. But my thought of this is being criticized by others. But I don’t know a method to find ones realself.


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