A day at ECT Shelters Resort

Must thank Rooban for organizing a get together at Shelters Resort yesterday. He brought a bunch of his Business Development colleagues and I was thrilled because Business Development was one of my favorite area. As always it was fun to get linked with new buddies & we all got along immediately.

Totally we were 4 folks + 1 teetotaler :)… Asusual it all started formally by knowing each other and after couple of gulps we started discussing my favorite topic “Why they have not tried their hands on entrepreneurship?”… It was nice to know different reasons… But it all boiled down to Gut Factor…

Then we went out to see Shooting of some movie with all new faces… They were shooting an accident scene at ECR and immediately I got the dummy blood and applied it for some personal photo shoot… The shooting crew was polite in handling a bunch of drunken hooligans who were disturbing their shoot…

Over all it was a productive friday night.


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