Laughed out HIGH

Madurai means Lots of personal time, Lots of Friends & more importantly it is CHEAP… As per my agenda for Madurai trip I finished all my office work by afternoon & then joined my friends for Lunch & an hour of casual talk in my friends fruit shop… To our surprise two gorgeous girls approached us asking for the owner… They were from RedBull to market the product and they were from Bangalore… One can imagine how Madurai folks would have reacted;

  • Eyeballs of everyone in the vicinity were at the shop(at the girls)…
  • Suddenly a bunch of local boys visited the shop to have a sip of Fresh Juice (infact a close look at the babes)…

We enjoyed the situation and we were mocking at our owner friend and when they left they came back to us and gave us a tin of RedBull.

From there we went to Swimming Pool at Pandian Hotel… It was again rejuvenating experience for eyes as there was a Bikini clad Blonde Girl swimming along with us… We were shouting, pulling down each other, played water volley ball,  started with swimming basics, then did some exercise…

Then like kids we played kicking each other, showed some gymnastics in bike, fought to get bike keys to drive it… Over all I didn’t know how time went… Got relieved from all Stress and now I feel mentally light…

I thank my friends Laxman, Satheesh & Manoj for making my day so pleasant…


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