Travel To Sivakasi

It was my sister’s Thala Diwali and we had to buy come crackers… It is new because we are not known for bursting out our money on crackers… So, I was discussing about this with my friend Laxman and he immediately got a reference from his friend and we drove to Sivakasi which is 70 KM from Madurai. We started by 2.30PM & It was a pleasant one hour drive on National Highways…

Since Diwali is approaching there it was fully decorated with Crackers Depots of different Brand… We were given choice of brands and we settled for a new brand called Sony… We went to Sony depot and the people out there were very responsive and polite which i’ve never seen with Chennai vendors…

As per my mothers advice I got crackers worth Rs.5500 and we drove back to Madurai by 6 PM… We finished all our shopping in three and half hours and I was happy that my work was not spoiled because of this… Then for my curiosity I went to a cracker shop in Madurai and asked for all the items i got it from Sivakasi… I was thrilled that i got a quote for Rs.11250/- & I’m thrilled that I got good value preposition…


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